Monday, 2 October 2017

Awesome Football Facts

Awesome football facts
1. The highest number of goals scored by a single footballer during one match is 16. We have two footballers with that title; the first man who did it was Stephan Stanis, who did it in 1942. And the second man did it in 2007 and his name is Panagiotis Pontikos. 

2. The fastest goal ever scored was only 2.8 seconds after the beginning of the match. The football player from Uruguay called Ricardo Olivera managed to score this amazing goal in 1998. 

3. The shortest professional football player is √Člton Jos√© Xavier Gomes. He is 1,54 meters tall and he is actually a pretty good football player. At the moment he is playing at the attacking midfielder position for Saudi club Al-Fateh. 

4. The tallest football player, on the other hand, is Kristof van Hout. He is a goalkeeper and he is currently playing for India’s Delhi Dynamos. The tallest football player is 2.08 meters high. 

5. William “Fatty” Foulke is also a recorder in the football world, but his title is the fattest football player. Now, don’t get me wrong, was not fat, he was just big. When you have 193 cm and 152 kg, like him, would you be called fat or big? J 

6. Gareth Bale has one of the most impressive titles in the football world. He is known as the fastest football player with speed of incredible 36,9 km/h. That fast jewel is currently playing for Real Madrid. 

7. Who wouldn’t want to have a goalkeeper who can score? Rogerio Ceni is definitely an interesting goalkeeper because he managed to score 128 goals in his entire career as a goalkeeper. 

8. I am sure you all know that Lionel Messi holds the record for the highest number of goals in 365 days with 91 goals, but did you know that Pele is unofficial recorder with 127 scored goals. 

9. The weirdest football match ever was held in Argentina in 2010. In that match, referee managed to issue 36 red cards, meaning that he expelled the entire team with coaches from the game. Video.

10. The first black professional foosball and the first to play the Football League player was Arthur Wharton, who was born in Ghana and spent most of his life in England. 

This post was written by Mark from Foosball Zone, as a guest writer. Mark is a fierce football fan and former foosball player who has a blog about foosball. The blog is filled with useful information about foosball history, rules and regulations, top foosball tables and tutorials.